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The Trello Roadmap

This is a work-in-progress roadmap of all the things we are currently adding (and plan to add) to our new wine app. As we start planning what to work on, features move from left to right until they’re completed and ready for everyone!

Voting for Features

If you have an idea that you want to see on our roadmap - head over to and create it or vote for it!


  • Backlog = big unsorted "ToDo" bucket
  • Next = things we’re going to work on next
  • In progress = things we’re working on right now
  • Future = things we're going to work (may be) in the future
  • Done = things we have already released


Label colours indicate the current status of a card in our roadmap.

Gray = Currently being discussed / spec’d
Yellow = Currently being designed
Orange = Currently being developed
Red = Stalled/On-hold
Purple = Currently being reviewed
Green = Ready/done
Blue = Maybe


Feedback and Knowledge Base